Veggie Truckin'

Bay Area Food Trucks from a Vegetarian Perspective

Catching Up On New Trucks December 21, 2011

I don’t have a good reason for not having written in almost three weeks. I’ve still been frequenting trucks and taking photos of the food I eat at them, but now I find myself overwhelmed with material from those experiences! I’ve again decided to write about the new trucks I’ve been to since my last post, and a new truck restaurant too!

Several weeks ago, my boyfriend stopped by a Milpitas Street Eats on his way home from work and picked up some dinner for us. He stopped at a truck where we hadn’t eaten before, Forbitten City. Their only vegetarian option was their garlic noodles.

Garlic noodles from Forbitten City

They could have used some vegetables and/or tofu, but the noodles were good overall. Like many trucks, I just wish they had more vegetarian options since I like what I tried. I’m sad I didn’t get a photo of the truck either since I wasn’t the one who bought the food, but hopefully I’ll see them around to snap one in the future.

Fast forward to the weekend before last. My boyfriend and I headed into San Francisco to see a couple bands play, and while there I checked my handy food truck tracking apps. (I have four of them I use because there always seems to be a truck on each one that the others miss!) Lo and behold, a cart I had never heard of was a few blocks from where we were. We walked the short distance and almost missed the tiny cart for Pie Fridays. Sadly, I only got one photo of the adorable cart, and it ended up a little on the blurry side 😦

The Pie Fridays cart

The lady manning the cart asked us which pie slice we wanted, and slid out little drawers in the cart to show us each of the pies. We decided on the apple pecan pie with whipped cream on the side (because I’m not always a huge fan of whipped cream), and what we experienced was homemade pie like we’d never had before.

Pecan apple pie from Pie Fridays

The ingredients were all fresh and delicious, and I even enjoyed the whipped cream since it was also clearly homemade and not out of a can. I was pleased to try another San Francisco food truck while in the city without even having food trucks as my initial plan!

During the week last week, I saw both O Mi Ninja and Food Truck Nerd post about a new truck in town, We Sushi. I became elated the second I heard about it because I’ve been waiting over a year for a sushi truck to arrive in the bay area! When I tried a sushi truck in LA during my first week of food trucking, people thought it was strange and unsanitary to eat raw fish from a truck. That truck seemed to disappear off the scene, leaving me to wonder if a sushi truck was really possible. Now that I’m a vegetarian, I could only hope that We Sushi had a vegetarian option. I hunted them down at last week’s Milpitas Street Eats to find out.

The We Sushi truck

They did have one vegetarian option, the veggie sushi burrito. I find the term “burrito” to be a little misleading though. It was more of just a really long sushi roll than a burrito. I didn’t mind because I love sushi, but someone who goes to the truck craving a burrito and expecting some kind of cross between Mexican and Japanese food might be disappointed.

Veggie sushi burrito from We Sushi

The “burrito” was yummy and definitely filled the void in my belly for sushi from a food truck. My only complaint is the price. It was $9.50, the same price as another sushi burrito the truck serves that has fish in it. I understand the need to up prices when rare fish is involved, but most sushi places I’ve been to don’t charge as much for the rolls that don’t have fish in them. If I’m going to spend $9.50 on an item from a food truck, I better be full afterward. This was not the case. I will likely eat at We Sushi again (especially if they add some more veg options to their menu… an avocado roll perhaps?), but if there’s another truck in the area with cheaper options that I know will fill me up, I will go with that one instead.

The final new food truck I’d like to write about isn’t really a food truck at all. One of our local food trucks I’ve written about before, Tikka Bytes, has opened a restaurant in Milpitas featuring the same food you can find at their truck and much, much more! Their soft launch for friends and family was on Friday night, and my boyfriend and I attended with the Food Truck Nerd family.

Tikka Bytes Indian Cafe

We were some of the first people there, and I was able to snap a photo of the interior of the restaurant before the crowd arrived.

Inside the Tikka Bytes Indian Cafe

We mulled over the menu for awhile, thrown for a loop by all the choices we don’t usually find at trucks. Finally we settled on sampling a variety of the small dishes. I’m not very well-versed when it comes to Indian food names, or even the ingredients inside Indian food. I will say, however, that everything we ate was absolutely delicious, and we will definitely be back.

Tikki Cholle

Pani Puri

Mushroom 65

Kyle obviously ate more of this one than I did, but for something that was mainly mushrooms, I enjoyed it. There was enough other flavor to drown out the mushroom.

Paneer grilled sandwich

The sandwich was like an Indian grilled cheese. It was very spicy, as was most of the food. I ended up drinking three glasses of water while there! I love spicy food but don’t handle it as well as I’d like to. Maybe going to Tikka Bytes more often will help me build up a tolerance 🙂 If you’d like to stop by their new restaurant, it’s located at 138 South Main Street in Milpitas.


Daytime Food Truckin’ December 2, 2011

Being an on-call substitute teacher has its pros and cons. One of the bittersweet parts is the fact that some days you just don’t get a job. This is a con because, of course, you don’t get paid, but it’s a pro because it’s a good opportunity to do things during weekday afternoons that you wouldn’t usually get to do. One of those things is visiting food trucks at their lunch stops.

The week of Thanksgiving, the school district where I work was on break the entire week, so I took full advantage of the opportunity to hit up some local food trucks that I don’t usually get to see during the week. My first stop was for lunch on Tuesday when I met up with my boyfriend to get some grilled cheese at Gourmet Rockstars. They are now spending every single day at the great mall in Milpitas, both for lunch and dinner. This was another one of my blogger fails where I got so excited about eating the food that I forgot to take a photo of it ahead of time. Luckily I’ve written about this truck before! I did manage to get a photo of my boyfriend’s cajun fries before they were devoured though.

Cajun fries from Gourmet Rockstars

From there, I ventured on my own to a new truck to the area (although from their website it appears as though they’ve been at it for awhile in L.A.), Mini Yums. They had a window that displayed all their tasty treats, making it even harder to choose than looking at a menu would be!

The Mini Yums truck

I narrowed my choices down to two, despite being full from lunch. I went with the brownie (I forget what kind of nut was in it) and the pumpkin cream cheese cupcake. I ate the brownie during my drive home and saved the cupcake for later.

Brownie from Mini Yums

The cupcake ended up lasting me for dessert after two separate meals because it was so big and sweet. You know me and pumpkin; I just can’t get enough.

Pumpkin cupcake from Mini Yums

The cupcake also came in a container that had a cute label with the Mini Yums logo on it.

Mini Yums indeed!

The next day I ventured out to try a new food truck on the streets, Thela.

The Thela Truck

This was the first food truck I’ve been to that didn’t include tax already in their prices. This wouldn’t bother me so much if their food stood out, but I’m sad to say it didn’t. I ordered the masala veg burger, which came with an entire container of fries on the side.

Masala veg burger from Thela

I was excited to try a veggie burger with an Indian spin, and all the veggies on it made me optimistic. Unfortunately, it was served cold, and despite the veggies it lacked in flavor. The veggie patty also fell apart easily, which is something I’ve never experienced with a veggie burger before.

Fries from Thela

The fries definitely helped. They were warm and plentiful, but nothing really stood out about them. Being a new truck, they might just need to get some of the kinks worked out. Or maybe I would have more luck with a more traditionally Indian menu option.

Afterward, I tried to hunt down the Project Cupcake truck but couldn’t find them. I found out today that that was because they only venture out every other week. Duly noted for future daytime trucking outings!

Speaking of today, I didn’t get a job today, so I set out to find some more trucks. This time my first stop was another meeting with my boyfriend at Small Time Cooks, a new truck I wouldn’t have known about if they hadn’t tweeted at me. They’re at the same location every day in Milpitas from 11-3.

The Small Time Cooks truck

Being a new truck, they gave us samples of their two veg options, paneer tikka masala and mushroom tofu tacos. I once again forgot to take a photo of our samples, but when I decided on the mushroom tofu burrito I did manage to take a photo of that!

Mushroom tofu burrito from Small Time Cooks

We were both impressed by how flavorful both veg options were. My boyfriend even commented that the tacos might be his favorite from a truck he’s tried yet! We hope to see more of this truck as they continue to grow.

From there, I made my way to another Project Cupcake location, determined to build my own cupcake this time. I found them at the Tivo offices in Alviso, and the owner was impressed that I had hunted them down. I chose a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting this time, but I think I chose the exact same toppings as last time. When you find something yummy, why not stick with it?

Red velvet cupcake from Project Cupcake

Many thanks to the food trucks in the area for making my days without work enjoyable!