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The Big List of Trucks February 15, 2012

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Now that I’ve eaten at over 150 mobile vendors (trucks, carts, and booths at street food festivals), I figured it was time to make a comprehensive list of all the food trucks where I’ve eaten. I’ve broken them down into location and then put them into alphabetical order. I’ve also included a link for each vendor if possible, although there were a few that couldn’t be found anywhere on the internet. If you’d like details about any particular vendor, let me know!

Local Trucks:

3-Sum Eats
An the Go
Arabian Bites
Armadillo Willy’s
Baba Kabob
Banjara Bistro
Bao and Bowl
BBQ Kalbi
Ben and Jerry’s Truck
Bi-Rite Creamery
Blast Off!
Boffo Cart
Brittany Crepes and Galettes
The Butterscotch Girl
Butterscotch on the Go
Cabana Dave’s
The Chairman Truck
Cheese Gone Wild
Chutney Mary’s
Conklin’s Catering
The Creme Brulee Cart
The Cupcake Lady
Curry Up Now
The Dough Truck
Ebbett’s Good to Go
Eat Curbside
Eat on Monday
Eire Trea
El Buen Comer
El Norteno
El Porteno
El Taco de Oro
El Tonayense
Estrellita’s Snacks
Forbitten City
Gold Rush Eatery
Gorditas Universales
Gourmet Rockstars
Gow Chow
Grandma Catherine’s Homemade Foods
Grillaz Gone Wild
Grilled Cheese Bandits
The Grilled Cheese Guy
Grill Stars
Hapa Ramen
Hapa SF
Hella Vegan Eats
Hill Country BBQ
House of Siam on Wheels
Iz It
Jo’ on the Go
Kaati Fresh
Kara’s Cupcakes
Koja Kitchen
Kung Fu Tacos
La Luna Cupcakes
La Victoria Bakery
Le Truc
Liba Falafel
Lick Pops
Little Green Cyclo
LoCal Comfort
Louisiana Territory
Love and Hummus
Mama’s Empanadas
Marite and Mi Cafecito
Mayo and Mustard
Melts My Heart
Mini Yums
Mona’s Fruit
Munch India
Mustache Mike’s
The Nom Nom Truck
No Way Jose
Oaxacan Kitchen Mobile
Oh Miso Hungry
O’mi Ninja
Pacific Coast Highway
Pacific Puffs
Pie Fridays
Pizza Pimps
Pollo Fritto
Project Cupcake
Radio Africa Kitchen
Road Dogs
S+S Gastro Grub
Sancho’s Taqueria
Saruno Burger
Say Cheez
Scoops SJ
Scream Sorbet
Senor Sisig
Seoul on Wheels
SF Delights
SF Soupmobile
Sift Cupcakes
SJ Sharkie’s Wine Truck
Southern Sandwich Co.
Speedy Panini
Spice Hut Gourmet
Spice It Up Cafe
Sugar Tree Sweets and Treats
Sunrise Deli
Sunshine Susan’s
Tacos de Los Altos
Takoz Mod Mex
Tandoori Chicken USA Mobile
Taqueria Angelica’s
Tastee Bytes
That’s Sweet!
Tikka Bytes
Toasty Melts
Truckin’ Sweet
Tru Gourmet Dim Sum
Twisted chill
Twister Truck
Vesta Flatbread
Voodoo Van
Waffle Amore
We Sushi
Whisk on Wheels
The Wow Truck
Yummi BBQ

LA Trucks:

Baby’s Badass Burgers
Baja Express
Big Swirl
Clean Street Food
Cool Haus
Crepe’n Around
Deano’s Deli Sandwiches
The Dim Sum Truck
Dogtown Dog
Dumpling Station
Get Shaved
Gourmet Genie
Greenz on Wheelz
The Grilled Cheese Truck
India Jones Chow Truck
Jody Maroni’s
Lake Street Creamery
Lee’s Philly Gogi
Lomo Arigato
Palazzolo’s Gelato
Paradise Cookies
Rasta Taco
The Sweets Truck
Tortas 2 Die 4
White Rabbit
Yatta Truck

Chicago Trucks:

La Adelita
The Southern Mac and Cheese Truck

Milwaukee Truck:

American Euros

There we have it! I’ll be adding to this list as I eat at more trucks and will have a link to it on the main page of Veggie Truckin’, so refer back whenever you’d like.


12 Responses to “The Big List of Trucks”

  1. […] miss Veggie Truckin’ Laura’s Big List™ of the 100 food trucks she’s been to. How many have you […]

  2. Laura, you are utterly awesome! Congratulations on the 100 trucks! I had lunch with Bill, Kyle, and Dan yesterday; Bill asked, “Where do you find trucks to try?”

    “Usually on” was my honest answer!


  3. HI! I am throwing a 55th surprise birthday party for my newly vegan dad. We are looking into hiring a food truck to cater the event. I was hoping that you would have some suggestions! Please let me know asap. Thanks!


    • Laura Says:

      Thanks for asking, Gianna! The first truck that came to mind was Little Green Cyclo. They will make almost any of their dishes with tofu, so they’re definitely one of the local trucks with the most vegetarian options. (Most Asian cuisine is dairy-free as well.) Everything from Liba Falafel is vegetarian, but they tend to stay in SF and Oakland. You also might consider House of Siam on Wheels, BBQ Kalbi, or MoGo BBQ, as all three will substitute tofu in most of their dishes. I hope this helps!

  4. A. Curtis Wright Says:

    Hey, two veggies running a regular food truck event in Los Gatos on Friday, April, 27, 2012, at the La Hacienda site on scenic Highway nine. If you have a chance, come on by and look for Curtis Wright or Russ Stanley to give us your ideas on how to make our events more veggie friendly. We hope to have more at the site on a regular basis.

    • Laura Says:

      Nice! Do you know which trucks will be there?

      • Bill Says:

        Dang! So sorry I’ll be out of town!

      • A. Curtis Wright Says:

        There are two more coming, I think a lobster one. We want to make sure we get a veggie/health speciality one for the next event or maybe even this one. This is our first event, so it is a little crazy.

        Curry Up Now
        Pollo Fritto
        Project Cupcake
        Los Altos Tacos
        House of Siam
        Bigg Shrimpn

  5. A. Curtis Wright Says:

    The event at La Hacienda went very well over 1000+ people showed up. Nice band, and lots of seating. We will be trying to set this up to be a weekly event. Looking on veggie trucking for possibilities in the future. Thanks for a lovely site.

  6. A. Curtis Wright Says:

    We are having another Food truck event at La Hacienda site near Los Gatos on May 11th (with the Fabulous Cruisetones providing the music). We are trying to have more veggie opportunities (hopefully with every truck). I saw Gorditas Universalis above, but try as I might, could not find out any contact info 😦 Do you have any? Current Lineup is:

    Mo Bowls
    House of Siam
    Speedi Panni
    Twisted Chill
    Arabian Bites
    Shack Mobile
    Pollo Frito

    The first three have nice veggie options, the fourth is ice cream/yogurt, the fith has limited veggie options, the Shack Mobile is seafood (if you are a pesca ova veggie like me), and the last has no veggie option.

    • Laura Says:

      Sadly, I have no contact info for Gorditas. In fact, the last few times I’ve tried to go they haven’t been at their regular location. Regardless, they don’t move from the one lot where they serve, so I doubt they would come out for your events 😦

      That looks like a pretty good lineup. As far as I know, Arabian Bites has no vegetarian options though. At least, every time I’ve asked they’ve said they don’t and that they’re “working on one”. Since I work in the East Bay, Los Gatos tends to be a little far to travel after a long week on a Friday night, but hopefully I’ll be able to visit if these continue into the summer!

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