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My Foursquare Woes Come to a Close July 12, 2011

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I am happy to report that almost every worry I had during my previous post about foursquare has disappeared. Yesterday I received confirmation from foursquare that I am now a level one Superuser! I applied back in May, and I had pretty much given up hope of my application being accepted. Apparently the process just takes a couple months.

My first act as a superuser was to merge the two venues that were created for Edgewood Eats. I submitted the merge (that has to be approved by a higher superuser than me) right before I left for Edgewood Eats, and when I got there it had already been merged. I am happy to say that I am now the sole mayor of Edgewood Eats. Hooray!

When I got home I gradually started merging more food truck venues. I’ve mostly just focused on the ones where I had mayorships because I wanted to know if those mayorships were legit or not. As a result, I’ve gone from 27 total mayorships on foursquare (not just food truck ones) to 19. I’m not too bummed about it; I’d rather my mayorships be real. This morning I changed the name of SJ Eats to Moveable Feast and merged it with the other Moveable Feast venue. I don’t think they recalculate checkins and change mayorships when they merge venues because I’m pretty sure I would be the mayor now if they did. We’ll just have to see what happens the next time I check in there.

I’ve found the merges usually happen within a half hour of when they’re submitted. Some of the ones I’ve submitted haven’t been approved yet though, hours later. I’m wondering if someone thought food truck venues shouldn’t be merged and denied them. However, I’m slowly but surely making progress in making it so there is only one “moving target” venue for each food truck. I’ve succeeded with several of them, but am still waiting on several merges (Iz It, Chairman Bao, and Curry Up Now, to name a few).

And now, I present my updated list of food trucks for which I really, legitimately have a mayorship:

~ Treatbot
~ House of Siam on Wheels
~ MoBowl
~ Sancho’s Taqueria
~ Eat on Monday
~ Butterscotch on the Go

And, of course, Edgewood Eats. I also technically have a Chairman Bao mayorship, but I’m waiting on that venue being merged. I will lose it when that happens.

If you see any venues that need to be merged (food truck or otherwise), feel free to send me a link. Same goes for ones that need addresses, phone numbers, or twitter accounts added.


Food Trucks + Foursquare = Sweet, Sweet Addiction July 7, 2011

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I joined Foursquare not long before my obsession with food trucks began in August of 2010. My foursquare addiction began almost immediately. To this day, I am still determined to obtain as many badges as possible. I can usually take or leave mayorships now that I’ve already earned the “Super Mayor” badge, but food trucks are the exception. It started with the “Ziggy’s Wagon” badge that you earn after three food truck check ins. Now I have probably earned that badge about twenty times over.

The problem with checking in at food trucks in the bay area is that a lot of them are not marked as “moving targets” as they should be (and as every truck I checked in to in LA was). As a result, there are multiple venues for certain trucks based on different locations those trucks have parked. That’s why I take each of my food truck mayorships with a grain of salt unless they’re marked as a moving target. From what I’ve seen, Treatbot and MoBowl are the only trucks marked as moving targets in the south bay. I don’t know how this is regulated; does the business have to ask foursquare to make them a moving target or is there a way for any ol’ user who creates a venue to make it a moving target? I’m not sure. The multiple venues for each truck thing also bothers me a lot, and I’d love to see some of those venues merged. I applied to be a super user in May in order to do so, but I haven’t heard a response from foursquare. Someone needs to do something about the south bay food truck situation on foursquare!

As of now, these are the food truck mayorships I currently hold:
~ House of Siam on Wheels
~ MoBowl
~ Kara’s Cupcakes
~ Little Green Cyclo (two different venues)
~ Eat on Monday
~ Sancho’s Taqueria Truck
~ Treatbot (but not the real one, just one of the locations. the real one was stolen from last weekend, as I mentioned in my last post.)
~ Chairman Bao
~ Butterscotch on the Go
~ Hapa SF
~ Iz It
~ Seoul on Wheels

I’m also mayor of the Edgewood Eats festival under the title “Edgewood Plaza Food Trucks”. It was the only venue for Edgewood Eats when I started going in February, but someone has since created an actual “Edgewood Eats” venue with less check ins. (Yet another reason these things need to be merged and regulated, dammit!) The guy who has that mayorship is one ahead of me, but he seems to check in every week.

Additionally, I used to have the SJ Eats mayorship until it was also stolen from me on Saturday (from the same girl as Treatbot, UGH!). However, I’ve since discovered that there is a new Moveable Feast venue. This one is probably more accurate to check in to now because of the name change, but really those two venues should be merged as well.

Now, most of these mayorships I don’t consider real, especially the trucks that are more San Francisco based like Chairman Bao, Little Green Cyclo, and Hapa SF. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have their own moving target venues in San Francisco that I can’t access when they’re in the south bay because they’re too far away (much like how I couldn’t really check in at Treatbot when it was in San Mateo). I will also start losing some of the ones that don’t have vegetarian options which I think includes Sancho’s Taqueria and Eat on Monday, but I could be wrong. I’ll have to look at their menus more thoroughly the next time I see them.

Despite all the issues with these mayorships and whether they’re real or not, checking in to trucks on foursquare has had its advantages. I usually attach photos of the food I eat to the check ins, and that helps me differentiate between the plethora of photos on my phone right now. Otherwise I would have a hard time remembering which food was from which truck. (I eat a lot of tacos. Tacos tend to look pretty similar.) Also, a couple nights ago I went through my history on foursquare and figured out all of the LA food trucks I went to in August so that I could more accurately write my forthcoming post about my first experience with food trucks. This even led to me discovering when I went to my first truck in the south bay.

Overall, foursquare adds another level of addiction to my already crazy food truck obsession. I plan to continue checking in at every truck and every festival, and maybe one of these days all the trucks will be merged and marked as moving targets. A girl can dream, right?