Veggie Truckin'

Bay Area Food Trucks from a Vegetarian Perspective

Los Gatos and Los Angeles! July 31, 2012

It’s a weird feeling: I haven’t eaten at a food truck in a week. I feel slightly like I’m going through withdrawals, so I think it’s appropriate to at least write about them. I’ve had a busy week; first, Kyle and I ventured to southern California to visit my sister, and we were only back in San Jose for a day before we left to go to Tahoe for a friend’s wedding. Whew! The good news is we managed to get some food trucks in while we were in LA.

The night before all this craziness started, however, we went to the Los Gatos Food Fest for the first time. I had been wanting to go since this event started, but it never worked well with my schedule while I was teaching, and our Fridays seemed to be filling up quickly during the summer. On the eve of our back-to-back vacations, though, the fest seemed like the perfect introduction to relaxation, especially since it was a Caribbean theme that night!

The Los Gatos Food Fest on July 20th.

As luck would have it, I also got the opportunity to try a truck I hadn’t tried before that night! Arabian Bites had been on my list of trucks that don’t have vegetarian options for awhile. I had seen them have something vegetarian on their menu once, but it unfortunately had eggplant in it. (My allergy strikes again!) This particular evening they happened to be serving a side salad that was vegetarian.

The Arabian Bites truck

I ordered the salad, and the wait seemed a bit long for something so small, especially since there was no one in line when I ordered. There were a few people waiting on orders though. Eventually, I got my food, and it totally redeemed itself by being delicious. I especially enjoyed the dressing. Garbanzo beans and feta are two of my weaknesses, so it’s no surprise that I loved it. If this is any indicator of the quality of the rest of their food, I sure hope this truck adds more vegetarian options to their menu soon.

Side salad from Arabian Bites

Most of the rest of my meal was food I’ve already posted about on here before, but I’d like to give a special shout out to We Sushi for always making me veggie rolls that they have removed from their menu, namely the avocado roll and the veggie gyoza roll. They rock!

For dessert, I still had some room in my belly, so I splurged on an ice cream sandwich from Twisted Chill since I hadn’t had one there before. I went with peach cobbler ice cream on a snickerdoodle cookie.

Peach cobbler on a snickerdoodle cookie from Twisted Chill

I’m not sure if it’s obvious in the photo since there isn’t much to scale it, but this sandwich was HUGE, way bigger than any ice cream sandwich I’ve gotten at a truck before (and I’ve gotten them at three other trucks). I needed a lot of Kyle’s help to finish it, but eventually we did, and we enjoyed every bite.

The next day we left for LA, but it wasn’t until Monday that we visited another food truck. Luckily, we made up for it by going to five of them that night! Yup, I did my first Pacman at an LA event, On the Lot in Los Feliz. This was at the same location where I went to Los Feliz a Go Go last year. This time I went with Kyle and my (very pregnant) sister.

On the Lot, July 23rd

Of the six trucks attending, I had only been to one, so I made it my goal to eat from each of the other five. My first stop was Lomo Arigato, a Japanese/Peruvian fusion truck I had been following on twitter for two years but hadn’t gotten a chance to try yet.

The Lomo Arigato truck

This truck probably has the coolest paint job I’ve seen. It’s actually a paint job, not a wrap, and the icing on the cake is their signature knife sticking out of the front of the truck.

The front of the Lomo Arigato truck

After some deliberation (because everything looked so yummy!), Kyle and I decided on the Tallarin Saltado with tofu.

Tallarin saltado from Lomo Arigato

It was a lot of food for the price, and knowing that I wanted to pull off a Pacman, I was afraid we’d have to take some home, but it was also just too tasty to stop eating. Kyle and I finished all of the noodles without a problem.

Our next stop was Deano’s Deli Sandwiches.

Deano’s Deli truck

We would have liked to try their vegetarian hoagie, but we had to stick with sides at this point in order to try all the trucks. Instead, we went for their tortellini salad and were not disappointed.

Tortellini salad from Deano’s Deli truck

The next side we grabbed was from Flatiron.

The Flatiron truck

Being a burger truck, it was a little more difficult to find something vegetarian at Flatiron. However, they were willing to make their fried cauliflower without the bacon that usually comes in it. I’m glad they were, because it was probably my favorite food I ate from a truck while in LA this time!

Fried cauliflower from Flatiron

We took a break to munch on everything we had ordered so far, and after a few bites I decided to go back in for more at Baby’s Badass Burgers while Kyle and my sister continued eating.

The Baby’s Badass Burgers truck

….that’s kinda dirty

After confirming that they were, indeed, vegetarian, I ordered the “pig’s tails”, or curly fries. I then proceeded to wait way too long for them. This seemed like a truck that was determined to put out orders in the order they were received despite the size of the orders. I saw plenty of people served their burgers with curly fries on the side before they dished up a few of them for me. It seemed a little like an unnecessarily long wait time, but I’m happy to say that the fries were delicious one I did get them. They were covered with a seasoning that made ketchup almost unnecessary too.

Pig tails from Baby’s Badass Burgers

Our final stop was for dessert at Palazzolo’s Gelato and Sorbetto truck. I was amazed by the number of flavors they carried, and that they seemingly never changed since they were all painted directly on the truck. I quickly realized this was because the gelato was pre-packaged and not fresh-scooped.

Palazzolo’s Gelato truck

All three of us each got our own flavor. I went with the Peanut butter cup, which was actually filled with tiny little peanut butter cups.

Peanut butter cup gelato from Palazzolo’s

It was still yummy despite the fact that it was pre-packaged, and the pre-packaging made it possible for nutrition facts as well.

Nutrition facts on Palazzolo’s gelato

Kyle had the bourbon caramel pecan, and my sister had the Italian pistachio. Both had plenty of nuts in them as well, although all three of us noticed that there were more near the top and bottom and just gelato in the middle. I guess that’s how the chunks settle after they’re packaged.

My sister’s pistachio gelato (and her baby bump!)

The next day, Kyle and I sought out another food truck for lunch. This time we went to Tortas 2 Die 4.

The Tortas 2 Die 4 truck (which is more of a trailer)

As we ordered our food, we discovered that each torta came with a side salad, and they had several options for which kind of side salad we wanted. It was definitely a good deal for $8 each. After we ordered and paid, I put a tip in their tip jar that looked like this:

The Tortas 2 Die 4 tip jar

The cashier then yelled to his cook, “JOSE, WE’RE GOING BACK TO MEXICO!” Too funny.

Now, I’ve never considered dying for food before and thought the name might be an exaggeration, but this was some really good food. I think I might value my life a little more than whoever titled the truck though πŸ™‚ I got the vegetarian baja torta with pasta salad on the side, and Kyle got the “valley girl” torta (which consisted of mushrooms, so I didn’t try any), and a jicama and mango side salad (which I did try and found quite yummy).

Vegetarian baja torta with pasta salad from Tortas 2 Die 4

Valley girl torta with jicama and mango salad

We were both stuffed after eating our meals, but not too long after while we were walking around Pasadena we ran into another truck! We couldn’t not try something and add another truck to our list of LA ones we’d tried. We were also very impressed with the number of vegetarian options at Baja Express. There were veggie sandwiches, burgers, and tacos, which is pretty rare for an authentic Mexican taco truck. Sadly, I wasn’t able to find this truck online anywhere. This is common for authentic taco trucks, and it didn’t help that this one had a pretty basic name.

The Baja Express truck

Since we were both still full, we just shared a veggie taco, but it was worth the lactaid I had to take to do so.

Vegetarian taco from Baja Express

That concludes the trucks I visited in LA this time around. I’m still proud of adding seven new trucks to my list, especially since we weren’t in town for very long!


I’m a Liar, and I’m Home August 10, 2011

I pretty much posted all over the internet that my last post about LA food trucks would be my last, and then I went ahead and ate at another food truck in LA a couple hours later. What can I say, I’m addicted. Plus it was in South Pasadena just a ten minute drive away…

I went to Dumpling Station, which I wrote about more extensively in my first post about LA trucks. It’s the only LA food truck I’ve been to more than once (four times now!), and is quite possibly my favorite LA food truck as well. They get bonus points for putting up with my sister’s dog barking and growling at them this time around. I didn’t know he would be so rude in a food truck setting, but they were totally cool about it! I got their vegetable dumplings (which I had had before) and their Nutella banana wontons (which I hadn’t).

Nutella banana wontons from Dumpling Station

Sunday I drove back to the bay area, and Monday evening I returned to Edgewood Eats. It felt good to be home, and at a local food truck gathering again.

Edgewood Eats on August 8th

My first stop was Eat on Monday, a truck that doesn’t usually have vegetarian options. This time, though, they were serving fried mozzarella, and I knew I had to try it.

Eat on Monday

Fried mozzarella from Eat on Monday

I loved the dressing and tomatoes on top. It was the perfect return to bay area food trucking. Next I went to The Armadillo Willy’s BBQ truck. I was never a huge BBQ fan even when I ate meat, but they were serving a veggie salad that I hadn’t tried before. After eating something fried, I felt like trying something more healthy.

The Armadillo Willy's menu

Very veggie salad from Armadillo Willy's

As a new vegetarian, I find myself trying to expand my tastes and eat more veggies I didn’t used to eat since I’m already limiting my diet. I have started eating tomatoes and cucumbers when I didn’t before, and I’m working toward eating mushrooms as well. A lot of vegetarian dishes use portobello mushrooms as the “meat” of the dish, so I’ve been wanting to like them. This salad had huge portobello mushroom pieces on top, and unfortunately, I knew after the first bite it just wasn’t gonna happen. I ate the rest of the salad around them, but I’m still mad at my tastebuds for not adapting to mushrooms yet!

My final stop for the night (that salad was filling!) was Twisted Chill. I was happy to see they had lowered their price from $5 to $4. They still only had one size though. I loaded my cup up with the pomegranate raspberry flavor I loved so much from last time, and I added a little kiwi strawberry too. I only put one topping on it, bits of heath. Yum.

Frozen yogurt from Twisted Chill

While I enjoyed my foray into trucks from Chicago, Milwaukee, and Los Angeles, it still feels good to be home and eating from local trucks again.


I Seem to be Writing About LA Trucks Four at a Time… August 6, 2011

I am proud to say that I have, in fact, met and exceeded my previous record for number of LA food trucks visited in one trip to SoCal. Last time, when I was here for over two weeks, I went to eleven trucks. As of last night, I’ve been to twelve on this trip, which has only been just over a week. Go me!

Yesterday I headed to Burbank once again to hit up two trucks that were parked together, Crepe’n Around and Greenz on Wheelz. These were two trucks I had definitely been seeking out. I love crepes, and I love love love salad. My love affair with salad began before I was a vegetarian, even before I was an adult. I used to be a rather picky eater in my youth, but chicken caesar salads were always a staple.

The Crepe'n Around and Greenz on Wheelz trucks

I went to Crepe’n Around first, and while I was waiting in line made the discovery that I had made a major food trucking mistake: I had forgotten to make sure I had enough cash for everything I planned on buying. Granted, LA food trucks are more likely to allow credit, but there are often limits for how much you have to spend before you charge, and I feel silly charging a small amount anyway. I had ten bucks on me, and a crepe was $7. Now, they have a vegetarian crepe that includes four cheeses, and being lactose intolerant, I didn’t know if I wanted to chance that even with double Lactaid. Plus, another one of my love affairs is with pesto, and they had a chicken pesto crepe as well. I asked if it was possible to get the chicken pesto without chicken, and the gentleman working the window paused and then said, “sure!” He proceeded to only charge me $4 for it! This left me with more money for Greenz on Wheelz. I was pleased. I also think he enjoyed saying “chicken no chicken” to the cook and me, so it worked out for all of us πŸ™‚ It didn’t taste like it was missing anything either.

Chicken Pesto crepe from Crepe'n Around, with no chicken

The only salad on the Greenz on Wheelz menu that was $6 or less was the caesar, and I had no problem with that. I got it in a wrap. I was afraid that the wrap would mean a loss of croutons, one of my favorite parts of salad, but I was wrong; there were still croutons in the wrap! Now, like I said, I used to be quite the caesar salad connoisseur, and this one was definitely a cut above the rest. In fact, I was practically full after only eating half of it, so I took the rest to go.

Caesar salad wrap from Greenz on Wheelz

My next stop (after getting some cash back at a store) was also in Burbank at another truck I’d been following since last summer, Lake Street Creamery. They specialize in out of the ordinary ice cream flavors.

Lake Street Creamery Truck

I went with the donut flavor, not knowing what to expect. It ended up tasting exactly like a donut. It even had little bits of donut inside. I also enjoyed the waffle cone that came standard. It was slightly burnt, and I’m a big fan of food being slightly burnt. It was also my first time eating ice cream (or maybe anything) with a wooden spoon.

Donut ice cream from Lake Street Creamery

That evening, I had the other half of my caesar wrap for dinner, and it was enough food considering what a big lunch I had. However, I noticed that there was a food truck gathering in Pasadena near the dog park I’ve been frequenting. I figured I might as well try to stop by after taking the dog to the park to beat my record of food trucks from last year.

the crowd at a Pasadena food truck gathering

The crowd was larger than I expected with each truck having a line at least a few people deep. I decided to go for the truck with the shortest line since the dog was waiting patiently in the car. This happened to be The Paradise Cookies Truck. It was convenient since I already had dinner, and I’m a sucker for an ice cream cookie sandwich from a food truck (see also Treatbot and Cool Haus).

The Paradise Cookie Truck

This was the first truck I’ve seen with windows so that you could see what the cooks (or bakers) were doing inside. I found this an interesting touch.

putting some cookies in to bake on the Paradise Cookie Truck

I ordered nutella ice cream on a white chocolate chip cookie. And can I just say? Delicious doesn’t even begin to describe it. The cookies were especially yummy.

Nutella ice cream on white chocolate chip cookies from Paradise Cookie Truck

This will probably be my last LA post for this trip, unless I happen to go to another truck tonight. Tomorrow I make the drive back to the bay area. It’s been fun visiting new places with new trucks, but I miss my cat, I miss south bay trucks, and I miss people letting me in when I use my blinker on the freeway. NorCal, I’m coming home!

Edit: A fellow vegetarian friend of mine has pointed out to me the fact that most caesar dressing includes an anchovy paste. This is something I knew but had somehow completely forgotten. Can I just express how sad I am about this? Seriously, I know it’s not true of all of them, but there goes my salad staple. This might be one of my biggest disappointments since becoming a vegetarian, after giving up most kinds of sushi. At least my last caesar salad experience was a good one.


Four More LA Trucks August 5, 2011

The next leg of my LA food truck trip started on Tuesday afternoon. I saw that The Grilled Cheese Truck was going to be in Burbank and jumped at the opportunity to eat at this truck. If you’ll recall from my post about my first trip to LA food trucks last year, I had tried to eat at this truck before but had been thwarted by the lengthy line. This time I was determined. I arrived not too long after the truck had, and the line was already about ten people deep. I wasn’t going to let that stop me again though. Despite the 97 degree heat (much like my Buttermilk experience in Burbank last year) I braved the line and only ended up waiting about a half hour total for my food.

The Grilled Cheese Truck

I ordered a veggie melt and a half order of tater tots. Once I got my food and realized it was packed in foil that would keep the heat in, I decided to head back to my sister’s house to eat it. In the time it took to get back to Pasadena, though, the sandwich got a little soggy. It still tasted great though.

Veggie Melt from the Grilled Cheese Truck

I took three photos of the tater tots, but they all came out blurry (maybe because of the light reflecting off of the foil?). I guarantee you they looked and tasted just as tater tots should though. They were also plentiful for a half order. I’m glad I didn’t go with a full one!

Wednesday night I went to a food truck gathering in Pasadena itself. Wheel Food Wednesday takes place every Wednesday at Jones Coffee. Six trucks were gathered, chairs were set up, and a band was even playing.

Wheel Food Wednesday

My first stop was the first truck pictured, The India Jones Chow Truck. I ordered an aloo paratha, which was sort of like an Indian quesadilla but with potatoes instead of cheese.

Aloo paratha from the India Jones Chow Truck

It was spicy and much more filling than I expected for five dollars. If you’re anything like me, you might be curious about what the inside looks like. I let my curiosity get the best of me and took a photo in the process.

Since I was already pretty full, my next stop was for just one taco at Rasta Taco. I was impressed by the price of only one dollar for a taco, definitely the cheapest I’ve seen. They’re more of a cart than a truck, and they have a spread of toppings you can add to your tacos. I, of course, went for the veggie taco.

The Rasta Taco Cart

Veggie taco from Rasta Taco

My final stop was a truck I’ve been tracking since last summer and couldn’t wait to try, Get Shaved.

The Get Shaved Truck

I was pleased to see they allowed three flavors for each order regardless of size. I just got a small, but it was much bigger than I expected. They do have a smaller size, called a UFO (because of how it’s shaped). The flavors I got were guava, pineapple, and watermelon. I found the guava and pineapple to be tasty, but the watermelon was lacking in flavor. It’s worth noting that I was definitely served more of the flavor in the middle, which happened to be the pineapple. I didn’t really mind, but I wonder if this is standard or depends upon who’s making it. If it’s standard, I could totally see myself requesting a specific flavor for the middle. I know I mentioned this on twitter, but I really wish there was a shaved ice truck in the south bay. It’s just so refreshing on a summer day!

Guava, pineapple, and watermelon shaved ice from Get Shaved

It’s also worth noting that one of the trucks at the event wasn’t even a food truck; it was a fashion truck called Le Fashion Truck! I didn’t even know these existed. For all I know, it could be the only one of its kind (the website claims it’s the first), but I’m interested to see if this trend catches on in the same way food trucks have.

Le Fashion Truck


First Four LA Trucks August 2, 2011

I’ve been in LA since Friday, but I didn’t have the best luck finding trucks until Monday. Saturday I tried to catch a truck but got lost and showed up just as the truck was pulling away. I was pretty disappointed, but it was a truck I had been to before anyway. Yesterday one of the trucks was in Pasadena, where I’m staying, for lunch. Although it was on the other side of town and I had already eaten, I was excited for my first truck experience since returning to LA.

The Komodo Truck was located next to an office building that apparently housed food trucks so often they felt the need to designate part of their parking lot for them. This is definitely something I have yet to see in the south bay!

The Komodo Truck

Since I had already eaten, I just got one taco, their soi. I loved the little pieces of tofu on it. Definitely a worthy welcome back to LA food trucks.

Soi taco from Komodo

Monday night, thanks to twitter, I sought out a food truck gathering in Los Feliz called Din Din a Go Go. I immediately fell in love with the name and was excited to go to a Monday night festival since all the tweets about Edgewood Eats were making me home-food-truck-sick. I invited Amanda and Andy from Two Boos Who Eat to meet up with me there. We’ve been online friends for about eight years, and I first met Amanda in person last year. This was my first time meeting her husband despite knowing him online for just as long! Since both of them are also teachers and obsessed with food blogging we had lots to chat about.

Los Feliz Din Din a Go Go

Please forgive the crappy lighting, but you get an idea of what the spread looked like. There were about eight trucks and, surprisingly to a bay area food truck lover, seating! The first truck I visited (before Amanda and Andy had even arrived) was The Gourmet Genie truck for some falafel.

The Gourmet Genie Truck

Falafel has become one of my recent food obsessions since I became a vegetarian. Believe it or not, I had never had it before I went veg. I found this falafel to be particularly aesthetically pleasing. The taste wasn’t bad either πŸ™‚

Falafel from Gourmet Genie

My next stop was Lee’s Philly Truck, which specializes in its cheese steaks.

Lee's Philly Truck

I admit I felt a little silly just getting a taco at a cheese steak truck, but it’s hard for me to resist a good veggie taco. This one was no exception. As Amanda would say, YUMZILLA!

Vegetarian taco from Lee's Philly Truck

The falafel and taco were more filling than I expected, but I wanted to try one more truck. I ventured over to The Clean Street Food Truck. I found this an interesting name for a food truck. I mean, we hope all the food trucks are clean, right? Amanda unknowingly made a cameo in the bottom left corner of my photo for this truck.

The Clean Street Food Truck

I wanted something light, so I got a half caesar salad. It was topped with big hunks of cheese and flavorful dressing. I was surprised by its size for a mere three dollars.

Half caesar salad from the Clean Street Food Truck

Although this concluded my first day of food trucking in LA during this trip, I assure you there is much more to come. Today, for instance, I waited in line in 97 degree heat for a half an hour for one truck. I’m saving that until my next post though πŸ˜‰


Where it All Began July 8, 2011

As I have mentioned, my first food truck experiences took place in the Los Angeles area. I’ve also mentioned that I recently hunted down exact dates so I could know which LA trucks I went to and when I went to them. I also scrounged up some photos from those food truck visits. (It took awhile since all my photos were deleted from my phone a few months ago, so I had to go way back in my twitter feed, but I did it!) I’m going to do this in a timeline format and add photos when I have them.

It all started on August 15th 2010. I had gone with my sister and some of her friends to see her husband perform in a play in LA. I couldn’t tell you the exact area, but there were a lot of theatres and bars in the area (I know, I’m totally narrowing it down for LA). Across the street from the theatre where my brother-in-law had performed we ran into The White Rabbit, a Filipino fusion truck, at 12:30am. I took the following crappy photo of my first food truck:

Since we had eaten dinner before the play, my sister and I weren’t very hungry. We decided to share an order of their creme brulee toast, and it was delicious. I’m not even seeing it on their menu now, unfortunately. In fact, I’m not sure I would eat at their truck now since only the desserts are vegetarian. We were there with my brother-in-law’s brother, who worked at a building that had a lot of food trucks visit at lunch. He filled me in on Roaming Hunger, and thus, an addiction was born.

Throughout the rest of my two week stay in Pasadena I went to ten more trucks in the LA area.

August 16th: I hunted down the Cool Haus Truck in Pasadena. I got an ice cream sandwich. I remember the ice cream being coffee toffee flavor, but I don’t remember what cookie I got. I think my memory has been clouded by my many subsequent visits to Treatbot. What I do know is that it was tasty. At the time, Cool Haus had trucks in both LA and Austin, and it appears from looking at their website that they now also have a truck in New York City.

August 18th: Once again, a truck ventured to Pasadena, making it easy to bring my nephew doggy along for the ride. This time it was Frysmith. I got their vegan chili fries. Yes, even before I was a vegetarian I used to eat veg options occasionally. I think this is what helped make the transition easier. The fries were ridiculously filling and delicious. I remember not being able to eat them all in the parking lot and finishing a couple hours later.

August 19th: This day I set out to hit up a few different food trucks. First, I went to Dumpling Station, easily one of my favorite trucks in the LA area and the only one I’ve been to more than once. I am biased though because dumplings, or pot stickers as I was raised to call them, are one of my favorite foods. I only got one order of chicken dumplings this time since I had a couple more trucks on my list.

I next made my way to Burbank where I heard The Grilled Cheese Truck would be. However, being one of the more popular LA food trucks, the line was way too long. I’m lactose intolerant and knew I’d have to double up on Lactaid anyway to enjoy the truck, so I decided to move on in my food truck search instead of braving the line. I did manage to snap a picture of the line out my car window before leaving though:

Next, also in Burbank, I hunted down Big Swirl, a frozen yogurt truck that I’m not sure exists anymore. Their twitter account has switched to being linked to stores instead of a truck, and the website doesn’t say anything about future stops. Regardless, I was super excited when the following photo was featured in their tumblr later that week:

They also happened to be with Dogtown Dogs. While I didn’t become a vegetarian until recently, I haven’t eaten beef in ten years, so most of their menu was off limits. I did buy some tater tots though, and they brought me right back to elementary school.

August 25th: After seeing a taping of Chelsea Lately, I decided to try to find a truck I followed on twitter nearby. I honestly don’t remember which one I was looking for because when I got there I found about seven trucks on one street, the most I had ever seen together before. I ended up eating at two trucks. First, I got some sushi from The Yatta Truck, another one I don’t think exists anymore. They haven’t tweeted since December, and their website and facebook pages have been taken down. I sure hope there weren’t health issues with sushi in a food truck. Regardless, the roll I got was unlike any sushi I’d tasted before. It had a crazy spicy sauce on top that was amazing. Also, I found the pokemon sign in their window cute:

Next I hit up The Dim Sum Truck, although I didn’t get dim sum. I instead got their special for the day, which was a kung pao chicken taco. It was also spicy and full of flavor. I somehow didn’t manage to take a photo of their truck.

August 26th: This was another double truck day for me, also in Burbank. First, I went to The Jody Maroni’s Truck, which also has actual restaurants in the LA area. I got a chicken apple sausage that I thoroughly enjoyed. Then I made my way across town to where The Buttermilk Truck was parked. They are another one of the more popular LA food trucks, and I had heard amazing things about their chocolate chip red velvet pancakes. I was determined to get my hands (and mouth) on some. Little did I know, I was in for the longest wait I’ve ever experienced at a food truck (still, to this day!) in 97 degree heat. I waited an hour and a half for two pancakes. Was it worth it? I’m not quite sure, but they were definitely as delicious as one might expect.

Chocolate chip red velvet pancakes at Buttermilk

August 27th: After my sister and her husband returned from their trip to Peru, I shared all my experiences with my sister, and she wanted to join me on one of my food truck trips. I discovered there would be a gathering of a few trucks in Pasadena that night. We ate at Dumpling Station again (this time we got vegetable and kimchi pork dumplings). Then for dessert we had red velvet cake at The Sweets Truck. For some reason I didn’t take any photos on this day.

Shortly thereafter I made my return trip to San Jose and immediately started scoping out the food truck scene in the south bay. On August 31st, I went to my first south bay food trucks, MoGo for lunch and Curry Up Now for dinner. And the rest? Is history.

I have since been to Dumpling Station one more time, when my family was in Pasadena again for Christmas. We all shared a few different kinds of dumplings and their wasabi fries, which were awesome. My love affair with LA food trucks is far from over though. I will be dogsitting for my sister and her husband again the first week of August while they’re in Aruba, and while this time it will only be a week, I am still determined to go to as many food trucks as possible.