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Bay Area Food Trucks from a Vegetarian Perspective

So What Else Have I Been Eating Lately? October 6, 2012

Another post three days later? I guess I’m making up for lost time! I have visited a few trucks lately that weren’t at Eat Real, so I’d like to touch on them too.

It’s been several weeks since I’ve been to The Winchester Truck Fest, but the last time I went I picked up an item I hadn’t tried from Takoz, their vegetarian torta.

Vegetarian torta from Takoz

Despite the abundance of mushrooms and my feelings about mushrooms in general, I really enjoyed this sandwich. It had enough other veggies and sauce to drown out the taste of the mushrooms, and it was made on quality bread.

I’ve also recently tried yet another vegetarian dish from Banjara Bistro. I think I might have tried them all now, but it took awhile since they have so many of them! This time I got their vegetarian crepe in the “creperito” style.

Vegetarian creperito from Banjara Bistro

It was basically the same as the regular vegetarian crepe but folded differently. It was fun at first, but eventually fell apart and required a fork and knife to eat. Regardless, it was still every bit as delicious!

At a Moveable Feast a couple weeks ago, I tried a newer truck that is run by the same people as Louisiana Territory and No Way Jose, Pacific Coast Highway. Since it was at the Willow Glen location and night time, I didn’t get the best photo of the truck. It seems to be the same truck they use for No Way Jose though.

The Pacific Coast Highway truck

I ordered their “No Way Nachos” which they were happy to make vegetarian for me. At only $5, I was shocked by the size of the order when I received. That’s a lot of nacho for your buck!

No way nachos from Pacific Coast Highway

Unfortunately, I soon didn’t care about the quantity of nachos when I discovered their quality. The tortilla chips were stale, and the cheese had not been completely melted. Slices of cheese that looked like kraft singles were partially melted on top of my chips, and knowing that was the type of cheese used disappointed me as well. There was too much of this low-quality cheese and not enough of the other toppings, making the nachos lack in flavor overall. I enjoy many of the dishes Pacific Coast Highway’s sister truck No Way Jose serves, so I’m not quite sure how they got this dish so wrong. Hopefully it was just a busy night, and they were feeling rushed.

Last week, on the 27th Kyle and I went to the Yelp Mobile Mashup event at Club Auto Sport. It featured a large variety of food vendors (not just trucks), wineries, and breweries. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, but we didn’t get to eat much truck food since their menus were limited and mostly didn’t feature vegetarian items. Here’s what the spread outside where the food trucks were looked like anyway:

Food trucks at Yelp’s Mobile Mashup on September 27th

However, we did spy something I never thought I’d see outside of Vegas or New Orleans: an alcohol-based truck! That’s right, there was a truck serving wine.

SJ Sharkie’s wine truck

I think the truck was linked to a winery, and I even got wine from it, but I don’t remember which one it was. I had already had a few free drink samples at the time πŸ™‚ I haven’t been able to find any information about them online either, so I’m glad I at least have proof it exists.

Finally, on Wednesday Kyle stopped by Milpitas Street Eats on his way home from work and picked up some dinner. He was surprised to find two new food trucks at the event and brought home food I hadn’t tried before. He got two appetizers from a new truck called Gow Chow.

Feta fries and fried artichoke hearts from Gow Chow

In front are the fried artichoke hearts. I love anything associated with artichokes, and this was no exception. The dipping sauce was also a great complement. Behind them are the feta fries. It’s hard to put into words how much I loved these fries. They consisted of three of my favorite things: feta, olives, and fries. They might have been my favorite fries I’ve ever had, and they definitely were the best I’ve had from a food truck. You’ve got to try these if you have the opportunity.

Kyle also picked up a dish from Yummi BBQ, a new Asian food truck from Concord.

Noodle bowl from Yummi BBQ

Although they weren’t warm by the time Kyle got home, the noodles were still tasty, especially when we added some Sriracha. I’m looking forward to checking out both of these trucks again in person some time.


More Food Porn April 12, 2012

If you follow me on twitter then you know that this week I have had the opportunity to eat at more trucks than usual due to the fact that I’m on SPRING BREAK! In fact, I’ve been to at least one truck on every day of my Spring Break except for Sunday. (That seems to be a common day off for trucks.) I was hoping this would also mean more blogging, but it’s already Thursday, and this is my first blog of the week. Ugh. I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to post another before the week is over with the few new trucks I’ve tried this week, but this post will be a classic food porn post consisting of trucks I’ve been to before.

First, the truck that was originally Small Time Cooks has gotten an upgrade including a new wrap and new name. They’re now called 333 (or Triple Dash Three).

The 333 truck and menu

I’ve tried them a couple times since the upgrade, and both times I’ve gotten their tacos. Most recently, I saw them at Milpitas Street Eats last night and ordered a paneer tikka taco. They also gave me a mushroom tofu taco on the house and came out of the truck and hand delivered it to me. Such service!

Paneer tikka and mushroom tofu tacos from 333

I’m not sure if I’ve written about Seoul on Wheels before, but I’m a big fan of their BBQ rice plate with tofu. I haven’t asked if the kimchi has shellfish in it, and sometimes I like to just remain in the dark about that kinda stuff πŸ˜‰

BBQ tofu rice plate from Seoul on Wheels

And now for some new dishes from a few trucks who need no introduction because I’ve written about them before…

Orange chocolate cake from Butterscotch on the Go

Chocolate peanut butter tart from Butterscotch on the Go

Vegetarian taco from Tacos de Los Altos

Paneer sexy fries from Curry Up Now

Caprese sandwich from Eat on Monday

Mini red velvet cupcake from Fairycakes

Aloo tikki chaat from Tandoori Chicken USA Mobile

Chocolate dipped peanut butter cookie from Mini Yums

Mint chip ice cream from Twisted Chill

At a recent Willow Glen Moveable Feast I experimented with making my first mashup. I’ve tried a few mashups that friends have made before, but this was the first one I made! I started with pandan waffles from O’Mi Ninja.

Pandan waffle from O'Mi Ninja

Then I added the waffle to Mexican chocolate ice cream from Treatbot. The result was a sweet and scrumptious mashup!

The Treatbot and O'Mi Ninja mashup

Yesterday I got to see Truckin’ Sweet in person for the first time despite trying their ice cream before.

The Truckin' Sweet truck

I tried their Voodoo Crunch flavor, which includes oreo cookies and malt balls. It was delicious and much enjoyed despite the cold weather.

Voodoo crunch ice cream from Truckin' Sweet

Today I headed to Whisk on Wheels for lunch at their usual Thursday lunch spot at Lockheed Martin. When I’m not on Spring Break, my boyfriend always goes there on Thursdays and meets up with other food truck enthusiasts, and I’m always so jealous because Whisk rarely makes it down here any other time. This time Kyle wasn’t able to make it, but I was! I ordered the pesto pasta and was soon told they had run out of pasta 😦 I opted for the spinach and ricotta empanada instead, and they also gave me a free bowl of their cream of tomato soup.

Cream of tomato soup from Whisk on Wheels

I especially enjoyed the croutons that came with it. One of these days I’ll get my hands on that pesto pasta! One thing that I saw at the Whisk truck that I haven’t seen at any other truck was a bowl of mints. I thought that was a nice touch. Many restaurants have mints that are free for the taking as you exit, so why not trucks too?

Bowl of mints at the Whisk on Wheels truck

Finally, I’d like to write about a couple of occasions where Kyle came with me and brought his camera. I bet you thought his goal to take photos for my blog had been a one time thing, huh? Well, he’s remembered on a couple more occasions now πŸ™‚ First, he brought it with us when we went to a Moveable Feast at a new location. A week ago Saturday a few trucks came out to the History Park in San Jose for a Spring Garden Festival. We were excited to see trucks at a new location and liked the line up, so we went not knowing what to expect. What we saw was a different crowd than most; instead of the usual food truck lovers, the event was mostly gardening lovers, and there were tons and tons of plants for sale! It was also raining, but that doesn’t usually stop me.


Our first stop was Eat on Monday. Since the event had started at 9am, they were selling a few breakfast items we hadn’t tried before. We went for the egg crepe roll and absolutely loved it.


They also gave us a free dish, that had a name I unfortunately forget. It wasn’t on the menu for the day, but it was also very yummy.


Our next stop was the B2 coffee booth where we each got a drink to warm us up. Kyle took this opportunity to take a silly photo of me drinking my mocha.


Afterward we walked around for a little while, and I even took the opportunity to buy something for my grandma for her 89th birthday! My family was planning on fixing up the patio of her apartment and making a garden out of it, and when I saw a hummingbird feeder at one of the booths I thought that would be a fun gift for her. She likes to watch the squirrels that run around her retirement home from her apartment, so I thought she’d like watching hummingbirds even more.

Hummingbird feeder (photo taken with my phone, not Kyle's camera)

I just love how my food truck obsession sometimes brings me to places and things I otherwise would not access!

Kyle also brought his camera along to the Moveable Feast this weekend at Garden City. We both ate at No Way Jose. Kyle got a veggie burrito.


I got a veggie taco salad. They first made it with meat in it, and when I sent it back I could tell they made an all new one for me instead of just picking out the meat like some restaurants do because the toppings I had thrown on were missing. That’s good vegetarian customer service!


As always, I recommend checking out Kyle’s flickr photostream for more photos. He got some good meta photos of Food Truck Nerd taking photos of his food that day.


Catching Up On New Trucks December 21, 2011

I don’t have a good reason for not having written in almost three weeks. I’ve still been frequenting trucks and taking photos of the food I eat at them, but now I find myself overwhelmed with material from those experiences! I’ve again decided to write about the new trucks I’ve been to since my last post, and a new truck restaurant too!

Several weeks ago, my boyfriend stopped by a Milpitas Street Eats on his way home from work and picked up some dinner for us. He stopped at a truck where we hadn’t eaten before, Forbitten City. Their only vegetarian option was their garlic noodles.

Garlic noodles from Forbitten City

They could have used some vegetables and/or tofu, but the noodles were good overall. Like many trucks, I just wish they had more vegetarian options since I like what I tried. I’m sad I didn’t get a photo of the truck either since I wasn’t the one who bought the food, but hopefully I’ll see them around to snap one in the future.

Fast forward to the weekend before last. My boyfriend and I headed into San Francisco to see a couple bands play, and while there I checked my handy food truck tracking apps. (I have four of them I use because there always seems to be a truck on each one that the others miss!) Lo and behold, a cart I had never heard of was a few blocks from where we were. We walked the short distance and almost missed the tiny cart for Pie Fridays. Sadly, I only got one photo of the adorable cart, and it ended up a little on the blurry side 😦

The Pie Fridays cart

The lady manning the cart asked us which pie slice we wanted, and slid out little drawers in the cart to show us each of the pies. We decided on the apple pecan pie with whipped cream on the side (because I’m not always a huge fan of whipped cream), and what we experienced was homemade pie like we’d never had before.

Pecan apple pie from Pie Fridays

The ingredients were all fresh and delicious, and I even enjoyed the whipped cream since it was also clearly homemade and not out of a can. I was pleased to try another San Francisco food truck while in the city without even having food trucks as my initial plan!

During the week last week, I saw both O Mi Ninja and Food Truck Nerd post about a new truck in town, We Sushi. I became elated the second I heard about it because I’ve been waiting over a year for a sushi truck to arrive in the bay area! When I tried a sushi truck in LA during my first week of food trucking, people thought it was strange and unsanitary to eat raw fish from a truck. That truck seemed to disappear off the scene, leaving me to wonder if a sushi truck was really possible. Now that I’m a vegetarian, I could only hope that We Sushi had a vegetarian option. I hunted them down at last week’s Milpitas Street Eats to find out.

The We Sushi truck

They did have one vegetarian option, the veggie sushi burrito. I find the term “burrito” to be a little misleading though. It was more of just a really long sushi roll than a burrito. I didn’t mind because I love sushi, but someone who goes to the truck craving a burrito and expecting some kind of cross between Mexican and Japanese food might be disappointed.

Veggie sushi burrito from We Sushi

The “burrito” was yummy and definitely filled the void in my belly for sushi from a food truck. My only complaint is the price. It was $9.50, the same price as another sushi burrito the truck serves that has fish in it. I understand the need to up prices when rare fish is involved, but most sushi places I’ve been to don’t charge as much for the rolls that don’t have fish in them. If I’m going to spend $9.50 on an item from a food truck, I better be full afterward. This was not the case. I will likely eat at We Sushi again (especially if they add some more veg options to their menu… an avocado roll perhaps?), but if there’s another truck in the area with cheaper options that I know will fill me up, I will go with that one instead.

The final new food truck I’d like to write about isn’t really a food truck at all. One of our local food trucks I’ve written about before, Tikka Bytes, has opened a restaurant in Milpitas featuring the same food you can find at their truck and much, much more! Their soft launch for friends and family was on Friday night, and my boyfriend and I attended with the Food Truck Nerd family.

Tikka Bytes Indian Cafe

We were some of the first people there, and I was able to snap a photo of the interior of the restaurant before the crowd arrived.

Inside the Tikka Bytes Indian Cafe

We mulled over the menu for awhile, thrown for a loop by all the choices we don’t usually find at trucks. Finally we settled on sampling a variety of the small dishes. I’m not very well-versed when it comes to Indian food names, or even the ingredients inside Indian food. I will say, however, that everything we ate was absolutely delicious, and we will definitely be back.

Tikki Cholle

Pani Puri

Mushroom 65

Kyle obviously ate more of this one than I did, but for something that was mainly mushrooms, I enjoyed it. There was enough other flavor to drown out the mushroom.

Paneer grilled sandwich

The sandwich was like an Indian grilled cheese. It was very spicy, as was most of the food. I ended up drinking three glasses of water while there! I love spicy food but don’t handle it as well as I’d like to. Maybe going to Tikka Bytes more often will help me build up a tolerance πŸ™‚ If you’d like to stop by their new restaurant, it’s located at 138 South Main Street in Milpitas.