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Bay Area Food Trucks from a Vegetarian Perspective

Pumpkin Treasures October 25, 2011

I have come to Veggie Truckin’ to write about two topics tonight: my food truck experience at Treasure Island Music Festival and my love for pumpkin flavored food sold at food trucks.

The weekend before last was the Treasure Island Music Festival. I ended up going on a whim with my boyfriend to the Saturday show, and this unfortunately meant missing my usual Moveable Feast tradition on Saturdays. On the plus side, there were food trucks at the festival, and most of them were San Francisco based trucks I had never even heard of! My boyfriend and I shared food from two different trucks. Our first stop was Fogcutter, a truck that, according to my research, was previously called both Brunch Box and Bandit Truck.

The Fogcutter truck

Despite the many name changes, Fogcutter’s food met my standards. I can’t find the item I had on their menu, but it was a sandwich with cheese and broccoli inside, and it was unlike anything I had tasted before. Sadly, the photo I took didn’t come out great in the sunny Treasure Island lighting.

Sandwich from Fogcutter

Meanwhile, my boyfriend grabbed his lunch at Eat Curbside.

The Eat Curbside truck

He opted for their grilled cheese sandwich with brie and caramelized onions. I had a bite, and it was tasty as well. However, the best part by far was the fries that came with it. Please excuse another less-than-stellar photo thanks to the sunlight. (Side note: I have ordered a new iPhone 4S, so hopefully my photos will also be getting an upgrade soon!)

Grilled cheese with fries from Eat Curbside

And now…. my love for pumpkin.

Like many people, I look forward to fall for a couple of reasons. One is the sound of leaves crunching under my feet when I walk. The second is pumpkin flavored food. I can’t get enough of it. If pumpkin stuff was sold year round, I would eat it year round. I just had some pumpkin cream cheese while drinking pumpkin ale. I’m obsessed. This obsession overlaps well with my food truck obsession because many trucks choose to add special seasonal pumpkin flavored food to their menus. And then I rejoice.

The first pumpkin flavored treat I had from a truck happened at the final San Mateo Moveable Feast earlier this month. Pacific Puffs was serving a special pumpkin puff that was filled with pumpkin flavored cream. The gentleman who sold it to me warned me that the cream would explode all over me when I bit into it, but I was still surprised when that’s exactly what it did. The flavor more than made up for the mess though.

Pumpkin puff from Pacific Puffs

Another special pumpkin menu item that I’ve had more than once now is the That’s Sweet! Dessert Truck‘s pumpkin spice cupcake.

Pumpkin spice cupcake from That's Sweet!

There’s something about the mixture of pumpkin and cream cheese that can’t be beat. It is also worth noting that the gentleman who runs That’s Sweet! recently told me that they discovered a problem with their ovens, and now that it’s fixed their cupcakes (which I loved before) are better than ever.

The final pumpkin experience I had was at the debut of Feast at the Flea, a new event where food trucks meet at the San Jose flea market parking lot.

Feast at the Flea, October 21st

After enjoying a dinner from O Mi Ninja, I headed over to Treatbot for an old favorite from last year. I had been waiting for the return of their pumpkin flavored ice cream, and this was the first event I went to where it was served (although they had been serving it all week). I chose to get my pumpkin ice cream in a waffle bowl with their apple pie ice cream. It was like Thanksgiving dessert a month early.

Pumpkin and apple pie ice cream from Treatbot

Although these three pumpkin flavored treats were great, I’m on the hunt for more. Do you know of any trucks in the south bay serving special pumpkin flavored options this fall? Please let me know so I can hunt them down!


New Food and a New Month September 6, 2011

Happy September, food truck lovers! I’ve started the month off right by going to three food truck events in the last few days. Here are some of the highlights!

On Friday I attended Moveable Feast San Mateo. It was a beautiful evening for trucks. There was a big crowd, but it was much easier to manage than the first event in San Mateo in July. The lines didn’t take nearly as long!

Moveable Feast San Mateo, September 2nd

I made the mistake of ordering a three cheese melt from Toasty Melts before checking how much lactaid I had. I only had one pill when I usually take two for grilled cheese, and I regretted it afterward. Of course, it was not the truck’s fault, and the sandwich was delicious. I appreciated the added bonus of kettle chips with the sandwich.

Three cheese melt from Toasty Melts

Another highlight from the night was going to a truck I hadn’t visited before, Pacific Puffs. I had to take my classic puff to go because of the aforementioned lack of lactaid, but I did enjoy it when I got the chance to eat it. It exploded all over me and made a mess, but I’m not complaining.

Classic puff from Pacific Puffs

Pacific Puffs and Toasty Melts at Moveable Feast San Mateo

On Saturday, I went to Moveable Feast San Jose. I didn’t go to any new trucks (the only new one didn’t have any vegetarian options), but I did try a waffle bowl from Treatbot when I hadn’t before. I went with raspberry sorbet in my bowl. It reminded me of the ones from Lake Street Creamery in LA.

Raspberry sorbet in a waffle bowl from Treatbot

At Monday’s Edgewood Eats, I again got a new menu item from an old favorite. This time it was a blondie from Butterscotch on the Go.

Blondie from Butterscotch on the Go

Like most treats from this truck, I was surprised by how great it tasted at first. Then I said to myself, of course it tastes good; it’s from Butterscotch on the Go!

Those were my highlights of the week; here’s hoping the rest of the month provides as many highlights if not more.