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Bay Area Food Trucks from a Vegetarian Perspective

New Food From Old Favorites February 8, 2012

I’ve decided to take a break from my countdown to 100 trucks. I have visited my 98th and 99th trucks since my last post, but the 100th still looms in the future. Rather than spend one post writing about only two trucks, I’d like to play some catch up. I try to have themes in my posts, and as a result some of my visits to trucks fall through the cracks if they don’t fit a theme. I have a lot of photos of trucks on my phone, and they deserve some recognition! Many of the trucks I’ve written about I eat at on a regular basis, and I’m constantly trying new menu items from the trucks that offer multiple vegetarian options. This will be a photo-heavy post without a ton of words. Enjoy the food porn!

Apple walnut cake from Butterscotch on the Go

Paneer kathi roll from Curry Up Now

Fried pickles from Grill Stars

Mushrooms on a roll from Hiyaaa!

Rice box with tofu from Little Green Cyclo

Tofu tacos from Eat on Monday

Eat on Monday will make any of their meat tacos vegetarian by substituting the meat with tofu, so you have your choice of styles! They do the same with their burgers and veggie burgers, but I haven’t had the opportunity to try them yet. Kyle says they’re super tasty, so I look forward to trying them sometime soon!

Sweet potato fries from Sanguchon

Chocolate cupcake with caramel frosting, sprinkles, and cinnamon from Project Cupcake

Veggie gyoza roll and cucumber avocado roll from We Sushi

We Sushi recently updated their menu, and they added these two veg rolls to it and lowered the price of the veggie burrito I wrote about previously. I especially enjoyed the gyoza roll. I love gyoza, and it was my first time having it inside a sushi roll.

Sugar cookie and pecan cookie from Mini Yums

Tofu burrito from Mogo

MIlkshake cheesecake from Mogo

This isn’t the best photo because of the plastic wrap, but Mogo’s cheesecake is probably my favorite dessert from a non-dessert truck. They don’t always carry it, but I highly recommend grabbing a slice when they do have some!

Last night’s Edgewood Eats marked my one year anniversary of attending the event. It was cold and gloomy, and the turnout wasn’t as great as usual, but I still managed to fill my belly with yummy food, and there was a new truck that wasn’t a food truck; it was an art truck!

The Palo Alto Art Center truck

Quite a crowd of children ended up developing around the tables, and they all seemed to be enjoying making cupcakes out of clay. Definitely a fun idea for food truck events where there are a lot of families.

Once again, my boyfriend Kyle and I made a cameo on the latest Food Truck Nerd podcast. We had a round table discussion about food trucks in general, and I went into a lot of detail about what sorts of vegetarian options I like to see on food trucks. Food Truck Nerd’s podcast is now up on iTunes as well, so you can download it from the iTunes store and even subscribe!

Finally, Kyle has decided to start photographing our food truck experiences as often as possible (or as often as he remembers his camera). I guess he was getting sick of my less-than-stellar camera phone photos 🙂 He started his quest when we went to Moveable Feast on Saturday, and he snapped quite a few good shots. You can find a photo of me receiving my ice cream from Treatbot as well as many more photos in this album. Once I figure out how to take his photos from flickr and put them on my blog, you can expect even better photography on Veggie Truckin’.

I hope this post tides you over until the big 100 hits!


A New Era of Veggie Truckin’ November 15, 2011

If you follow Veggie Truckin’ on twitter, you probably already know that some changes have happened around here. First, I registered the domain, so that url automatically forwards you to my blog. Secondly, I created a fan page on facebook for the blog. There’s a cute little widget on the side menu for it, or you can just follow this link. On a personal note, I got an iPhone 4S, and what that means for the blog is my photos will be much clearer. Granted, it’s still a camera phone, but at least it knows how to focus. No more out of focus photos just because there’s some foil in the background, yay! Finally, I was interviewed on the latest Food Truck Nerd podcast with my boyfriend. Check it out! This time I think I managed to laugh a little less, but only by a little 🙂

This post isn’t just to tell you what’s new though. I have a couple new trucks to write about too! Last week, for the first time, I ate food from a truck I hadn’t visited in person. My boyfriend saw that Twister Truck would be parked near where he lives, so he picked some up for us on his way home from work. It was a little weird not getting the full food truck experience, but the yummy food made up for it.

Twister burrito cone from Twister Truck

The photo of the twister burrito cone on the website intrigued me, so that’s what I ordered. I was still a little confused as to how to eat it, but it got easier once I decided to just use a fork. I also tore pieces of tortilla off the cone and used them to scoop up the insides. I thought a side of tortilla chips might help, but then the extra food might be too much because the burrito cone itself was the perfect amount for a meal. I also got a side of churro fries but wasn’t able to finish them all.

Churro fries from Twister truck

My boyfriend didn’t receive the chocolate or cajeta sauce mentioned on the Twister website with them, so they lacked a little bit in flavor. Additionally, all the grease collected at the bottom of the cup making the bottoms of the fries especially gross to a not-so-yummy degree. With a little less oil and a little more dipping sauce, I think these could really hit the spot.

On Saturday, we ventured to the Moveable Feast at the Garden City location. I miss the old ones at San Pedro Square that I could walk to from where I live, but I don’t mind driving a little bit for my food truck fix. I decided to try a truck I had been to before but only for some cookies, Sanguchon.

The Sanguchon truck

My boyfriend had been raving about their vegetable curry wrap which he had gotten at one of their lunch time stops. Never having had Peruvian curry before, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Vegetales al Curry wrap from Sanguchon

What I found was an amazing amount of flavor that filled me up for hours. Every bite included a new vegetable I hadn’t tried before. I found myself taking a new photo every few minutes because I’d look down and see more and more colors. It was an amazingly photogenic as well as delicious wrap!

There was also a new truck at the event, Project Cupcake.

The Project Cupcake Truck

Aside from a clever name and truck design to go with it, this cupcake truck has a different concept than most. They allow their customers to build their own cupcakes, starting by choosing a cake, then choosing a frosting, and then you can put whatever toppings you want on top (similar to a frozen yogurt place). Another cute component is the fact that when you visit them you’re greeted by staff in lab coats.

A Project Cupcake employee dressed in a lab coat outside the truck

When I got to the truck, they only had six cupcakes left, so I didn’t get to choose my cupcake as specifically as most. I got the mocha flavored cake with cream cheese frosting. Then I visited their toppings bar and took full advantage of it.

The Project Cupcake toppings bar

I loaded on some butterfinger bits, oreo pieces, and sprinkled a little cinnamon on top. The result was a super tasty cupcake. I can’t wait to try them again when I can choose my cake and frosting more specifically too!

My Project Cupcake creation

Those are all the new trucks for this time. Don’t forget to like Veggie Truckin’ on facebook!


My Week in Food Trucks August 30, 2011

Oh dear, it has been a week since I posted. I have a pretty good reason for this though. The school year has begun, and I am once again working. The life of a teacher is busy though, so my updates might become less frequent. I will most likely start posting about once a week with my food truck highlights from the week instead of posting about every single time I eat at a truck.

We begin this week’s post with last week’s Edgewood Eats on August 22nd. I went with my mind already made up, determined to eat some banh mi from Little Green Cyclo, but when I arrived I discovered there was a new truck!

The Sanguchon truck

I had never heard of Sanguchon before, let alone seen it. I don’t think I had ever had Peruvian food either. I stuck with my original plan of banh mi but headed back to Sanguchon for dessert. I got their alfajores cookies, which came in this cute packaging:

Alfajores from Sanguchon

inside the alfajores

I’m a bit of a sucker for caramel, and the alfajores delivered. They were also covered in powdered sugar, and by the time I had finished eating them so was I. Luckily, powdered sugar washes out easily!

the aftermath of alfajores on my skirt

On Saturday the 27th, I headed to Moveable Feast and ran into more new trucks! Tequila Tacos didn’t have any vegetarian options, but Mayo and Mustard did!

The Mayo and Mustard truck

I had checked their menu ahead of time and saw a veggie sandwich on it. When they only had three sandwiches listed on their chalkboard, all including meat, I was momentarily scared, but they eased my worries when they said they’d serve the rest of their menu too. Phew! I’m really glad they did because the sandwich was delicious. Since I’ve become a vegetarian I’ve discovered that veggie sandwiches are usually awesome because people really pack in the veggies, and they have so many flavors going on at once. Mayo and Mustard’s sandwich was no exception.

Veggie Delight from Mayo and Mustard

I was also happy to see Bomb Truck at Moveable Feast. They had been spending a lot of time in San Francisco and hadn’t been in San Jose much lately. This time I got two popsicles from them, avocado and mango.

Avocado popsicle from Bomb Truck

Mango popsicle from Bomb Truck

Of the two, I preferred the mango. The avocado was good, but it didn’t have quite as much flavor. Then again, more flavor would have probably been too much avocado for a popsicle. I think I still enjoyed their nutella flavor from the last time I tried the truck most overall.

Yesterday, despite being exhausted after the first day of school, I still ventured over to Edgewood Eats mostly for some butterscotch brownies. Before dessert I needed dinner though, so I went to another truck I hadn’t been to before, although I had seen it at other events. I had previously not spied any vegetarian options on the Whisk on Wheels menu, but this time they had a spinach and ricotta empanada that came with salad.

Spinach and ricotta empanada from Whisk on Wheels

inside the empenada

I hope to see this item on their menu again because it definitely hit the spot!

Despite having lots of classroom prep to do this weekend, I still plan on attending both Moveable Feast San Mateo on Friday night and Moveable Feast San Jose on Saturday afternoon. Look early next week for the highlights from those events!