Veggie Truckin'

Bay Area Food Trucks from a Vegetarian Perspective

So What Else Have I Been Eating Lately? October 6, 2012

Another post three days later? I guess I’m making up for lost time! I have visited a few trucks lately that weren’t at Eat Real, so I’d like to touch on them too.

It’s been several weeks since I’ve been to The Winchester Truck Fest, but the last time I went I picked up an item I hadn’t tried from Takoz, their vegetarian torta.

Vegetarian torta from Takoz

Despite the abundance of mushrooms and my feelings about mushrooms in general, I really enjoyed this sandwich. It had enough other veggies and sauce to drown out the taste of the mushrooms, and it was made on quality bread.

I’ve also recently tried yet another vegetarian dish from Banjara Bistro. I think I might have tried them all now, but it took awhile since they have so many of them! This time I got their vegetarian crepe in the “creperito” style.

Vegetarian creperito from Banjara Bistro

It was basically the same as the regular vegetarian crepe but folded differently. It was fun at first, but eventually fell apart and required a fork and knife to eat. Regardless, it was still every bit as delicious!

At a Moveable Feast a couple weeks ago, I tried a newer truck that is run by the same people as Louisiana Territory and No Way Jose, Pacific Coast Highway. Since it was at the Willow Glen location and night time, I didn’t get the best photo of the truck. It seems to be the same truck they use for No Way Jose though.

The Pacific Coast Highway truck

I ordered their “No Way Nachos” which they were happy to make vegetarian for me. At only $5, I was shocked by the size of the order when I received. That’s a lot of nacho for your buck!

No way nachos from Pacific Coast Highway

Unfortunately, I soon didn’t care about the quantity of nachos when I discovered their quality. The tortilla chips were stale, and the cheese had not been completely melted. Slices of cheese that looked like kraft singles were partially melted on top of my chips, and knowing that was the type of cheese used disappointed me as well. There was too much of this low-quality cheese and not enough of the other toppings, making the nachos lack in flavor overall. I enjoy many of the dishes Pacific Coast Highway’s sister truck No Way Jose serves, so I’m not quite sure how they got this dish so wrong. Hopefully it was just a busy night, and they were feeling rushed.

Last week, on the 27th Kyle and I went to the Yelp Mobile Mashup event at Club Auto Sport. It featured a large variety of food vendors (not just trucks), wineries, and breweries. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, but we didn’t get to eat much truck food since their menus were limited and mostly didn’t feature vegetarian items. Here’s what the spread outside where the food trucks were looked like anyway:

Food trucks at Yelp’s Mobile Mashup on September 27th

However, we did spy something I never thought I’d see outside of Vegas or New Orleans: an alcohol-based truck! That’s right, there was a truck serving wine.

SJ Sharkie’s wine truck

I think the truck was linked to a winery, and I even got wine from it, but I don’t remember which one it was. I had already had a few free drink samples at the time 🙂 I haven’t been able to find any information about them online either, so I’m glad I at least have proof it exists.

Finally, on Wednesday Kyle stopped by Milpitas Street Eats on his way home from work and picked up some dinner. He was surprised to find two new food trucks at the event and brought home food I hadn’t tried before. He got two appetizers from a new truck called Gow Chow.

Feta fries and fried artichoke hearts from Gow Chow

In front are the fried artichoke hearts. I love anything associated with artichokes, and this was no exception. The dipping sauce was also a great complement. Behind them are the feta fries. It’s hard to put into words how much I loved these fries. They consisted of three of my favorite things: feta, olives, and fries. They might have been my favorite fries I’ve ever had, and they definitely were the best I’ve had from a food truck. You’ve got to try these if you have the opportunity.

Kyle also picked up a dish from Yummi BBQ, a new Asian food truck from Concord.

Noodle bowl from Yummi BBQ

Although they weren’t warm by the time Kyle got home, the noodles were still tasty, especially when we added some Sriracha. I’m looking forward to checking out both of these trucks again in person some time.


This Week in Food Trucks June 18, 2012

I’ve gotta say, it’s nice to be writing a mere week after my last post. This means I get to write a little more thoroughly about each truck and all of my food truck experiences.

Last week I went to Edgewood Eats on Tuesday. There was a new truck I hadn’t heard of there. Sunrise Deli seems to be a brick and mortar restaurant that became a truck. When I saw falafel on their menu, I was in. It had been far too long since I’d had falafel from a food truck!

The Sunrise Deli Truck

As you can see, their doors were down when I arrived about twenty minutes after Edgewood started. I was willing to wait to try a new truck though. It didn’t take much waiting either, and before I knew it I had ordered my avocado falafel wrap.

Avocado falafel wrap from Sunrise Deli

I have to admit, I pretty much inhaled it. I couldn’t help it; falafel is so yummy, especially when paired with avocado. I don’t know how I never had falafel until I became a vegetarian. I feel like I have 27 years of falafel eating to catch up on.

The avocado falafel wrap after meeting my wrath

I also stopped by Scoops and grabbed a scoop of their birfday cake flavor. The gentleman taking my order made sure I pronounced the name the “right” way before serving me. He also took a photo of me and put it in the “happy customers” folder on their facebook page here. I ate a bit before I got a really good photo of all the colors of confetti in this ice cream.

Birfday cake ice cream from Scoops

On Friday, Kyle and I decided to go to a Word on the StreEatz event at Piedmont Hills High School for dinner. While there I got to try a new truck I’ve heard lots about but hadn’t run into yet, Takoz Mod Mex.

The Takoz truck

I ordered a vegetarian “el tako”. I was impressed with all the toppings which consisted of more than just the regular toppings you see on a traditional taco. It was very yummy.

A vegetarian taco from Takoz

My next stop was the Dough Truck. I had been wanting to try their tater tots ever since listening to Food Truck Nerd’s podcast about them. After verifying that the “special sauce” was vegetarian, I ordered the Animal, which is basically tater tots served animal style like at In-and-Out: melted cheese, special sauce, and onions on top.

The Animal from Dough Truck

From there, we drove to Club Auto Sport where a new candy truck, Sugar Tree Sweets and Treats was serving at an event. If you know me, you know that I love candy. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try a new truck that includes candy. When we got there, we quickly discovered that this was a HUGE event. It took forever to find parking, and we felt like we were crashing someone’s party. Eventually, though, we found our destination.

The Sugar Tree trailer

This is one of the rare trucks where you actually get to walk inside. What’s more, the inside of the truck is decorated, complete with checkered floor. I’m a sucker for checkered floor. Get it, sucker? oh boy…

Shelves of candy, and checkered floor!

Another photo of the inside, including Kyle checking out the goods

It took some deliberating, but I eventually decided on a small bin of organic blueberry cotton candy, a red velvet cake pop, and a packet of fun dip (an old favorite from my childhood).

Organic blueberry cotton candy from Sugar Tree

The cotton candy had just the right amount of flavor without being too sugary sweet. It definitely tasted healthier than the kind you get at the carnival.

Red velvet cake pop from Sugar Tree

The cake pop was incredible. I don’t know how else to describe it, just utterly delicious.

Inside the cake pop

This morning, I woke up and had a mediocre half-breakfast of stale cereal. I quickly realized I need to do some grocery shopping and would need to go to a food truck for lunch before then. When I checked roaming hunger, I saw a food truck I hadn’t heard of before in Mountain View, another one that seems to be a brick and mortar gone mobile, SF Soupmobile.

The SF Soupmobile truck

They had a lot of vegetarian options, and all of them sounded delicious after my poor excuse for a breakfast. I decided to try a couple at once and went for a small bowl of the split pea soup and a half hummus wrap. After I ordered my food it was ready almost immediately. The soup seemed too hot to eat right away, so I decided to just high-tail it home. Luckily, I live close enough for the soup to still be warm when I got there.

Hummus wrap from SF Soupmobile

The hummus wrap was the perfect blend of flavors. I though the kalamata olives were an especially good touch.

I consider myself a bit of a split pea soup snob because I grew up going to Andersen’s on family vacations, and I think nothing measures up as a result. This split pea made the cut though. They also included a bit of a sourdough roll for dipping purposes, but I didn’t get a photo of it. Most importantly, after I finished the soup I let my cat lick the bowl.

I think he enjoyed it.

I’m not even sure he focused on breathing while eating the soup.